Adding a new song

  1. To add a new song, click on the Songs link in the menu on the left-hand side of the SongBook screen. Then, click on the Add new song link at the top of the page.

  2. Enter basic information about the song.

    1. The song title, key, tempo and text are required.
    2. Be sure to include accurate author and copyright information, to comply with CCLI requirements.
    3. You can find the CCLI number for a song by searching for it at
  3. Enter the song stanzas, lyrics and chords. See the basic formatting topic for more information about the expected format.

    • You can enter chords along with the lyrics,
    • or you can click on the lyrics in the preview area below the form and enter chords when prompted.
  4. You can preview the song before saving by clicking File > Print preview. This helps you make sure the song is formatted the way you want, and isn’t too long to fit on the page when printed.

  5. Click Add song.

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