Songs with multiple pages

Ideally, the songs you enter will fit on a single page. However, some songs are too long, and must be split into multiple pages.

To verify a song will print correctly, view the song, then view a print preview by clicking File > Print preview… in your browser. Alternatively, you can download a PDF file of the song, and make sure all of the song content appears on the page.

If a song needs multiple pages, you can add page breaks while editing it:

  1. Decide where you want a new page to start. In the preview section, hover over the stanza title at that point in the song, and check the Start new page checkbox.

  2. You can click File > Print preview… to make sure the song will print correctly with your changes.

  3. If necessary, add more page breaks until the print preview looks correct.

  4. When you are satisfied, click Save changes to song.

Note: The Start new page option will only apply when your view options are set to Show all chords.