Songs that change key

A song’s starting key is always provided as part of the song entry form, but if a song modulates to a different key, the SongBook needs to be told. Otherwise, the SongBook might display transposed chords in the modulated section incorrectly (for example, Ab instead of G#).

Transposing chords while editing a song

The SongBook can help you transpose chords while editing a song. You can transpose all the chords in the song, or just part of a song. To transpose chords while editing a song:

  1. Ensure the starting key is correct.

  2. Select the lines containing the chords you want to transpose.

  3. To the left of the Chords/Lyrics field, use the buttons to transpose the selected chords up or down.

Note: If you transpose chords at the beginning of the song, the starting key will be adjusted to the new starting key automatically.

Indicating an existing modulation

If you have already entered the chords in the modulated key, all you need to do is indicate that a modulation occurred. To indicate a modulation to a new key while editing a song:

  1. In the preview section, hover over the stanza where the modulation occurs.

  2. From the Key change drop-down, select the new key.

  3. Click Save changes to song.