Setting up an email list


The SongBook makes it easy to send set lists to people via email. Often, set lists for the same location will regularly be sent to the same people. For example, Sunday morning set lists might always be sent to the worship team, sound team, pastors, and secretary. Instead of entering all the email addresses every time you send a set list, the SongBook lets you save an email distribution list for a location.

Setting up an email list

  1. Click on the Locations link in the menu on the left-hand side of the SongBook screen.

  2. Edit the location you want to set up email distribution for by clicking on the name of the location. If the location doesn’t exist, you can add a new one.

  3. In the Interested users list, select the check boxes for users who are regularly emailed set lists for this location.

  4. In the Interested emails field, enter other email addresses. This lets you send set lists to people who don’t have a Gospel Software user account. Whenever possible, you should select a person’s name from the Interested users check list, rather than manually entering an email address. That way, if the user changes their email address in the future, the location email list won’t need to be changed.

  5. Click Save location.

  6. Now, whenever you email a set list for this location, the Send to field will be pre-filled with all of the email addresses you chose.

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