Adding a new location


When you create a set list, you can choose the location the set list is for. If you create locations for all the places set lists are regularly used, the SongBook can track song usage more specifically, letting you see when a song was last used in a particular location.

The SongBook also lets you choose which users can create, edit, and email set lists for which locations.

It is recommended that you create locations for different services (like Sunday Morning or Wednesday Night), small groups (like Youth Group or Jones’ Small Group), or recurring special events (like Men’s Meeting or Ladies’ Meeting). Doing so provides more information about how songs are used, and more control over set list creation privileges.

Adding a worship location (Administrators only)

  1. Click the Locations link in the menu on the left-hand side of the SongBook.

  2. Click the Add new location link.

  3. Enter a descriptive name, like “Sunday Morning Worship”, or “Jones Small Group”

  4. Select the Worship Leaders for this location. Worship leaders are allowed to create, edit, and email set lists for this location. Note that SongBook editors and administrators can edit and email any set list, even if they are not listed as a worship leader.

  5. Select any Interested Users, and enter any Interested Emails. When set lists for this location are emailed, the recipient list defaults to all the interested users and emails.

  6. Click Save location.

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