Viewing different formats


Using the chords and lyrics provided for a song, the SongBook can display a song in different formats, for you to view and print. While viewing a song or a set list, you can change the format by selecting one of the following formats from the View options drop-down in the top right corner of the page.

Show all chords

This format displays full-page chord charts, and includes all chords that were entered with the song. Full chord chart

Chords, 1st stanza

This format displays full-page chord charts, but only includes chords for the first of each type of stanza. For example, if a song had as stanzas Verse 1, Chorus, Verse 2, and Verse 3, only Verse 1 and Chorus would have chords displayed. This can help fit songs that would otherwise require multiple pages fit onto a single page, for convenience.

Lyrics, 1 song/page

This format displays full-page lyrics, without chords, with a single song per page. Since the lyrics are large, this format is ideal for vocalists who need lyrics to be visible from a music stand, or for the elderly or visually-impaired in a small-group setting. Full-page lyrics

Lyrics, 2 or 3 songs/page

This format displays the lyrics for multiple songs, without chords, in side by side columns. The 2 songs/page format should be printed in portrait mode, and the 3 songs/page format should be printed in landscape mode. Song sheet


This format lets you download a file for overhead projecting. Projector

The SongBook generates slideshows in two file formats:

Clicking will download a PowerPoint 2007 presentation file.

This slideshow format can be displayed using the following office suites:

Clicking will download a full-screen PDF file.

If you don’t have one of the office suites that can display PowerPoint 2007 files, you can download the PDF slideshow file instead.

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