Playing with a capo


The SongBook will transpose a song into any key you want. If you are playing guitar, you can also use a capo to change the key a song is in while playing the same chords. A capo can also be used in order to play along with a song in a key that is easier for the guitar.

Since it can be tricky to figure out how many frets to capo in order to play in a particular key, the SongBook has a tool to help you do that, and can generate a custom chord chart with the capo setting on it, so you won’t forget!

Calculating capo settings for a song

  1. Click on the Arrangement info link in the song header, if necessary, to expand that section.

  2. The first Key drop-down displays the actual key of the song.

  3. Using the second Key drop-down, select the key you want to play in. To play in the actual key, select No capo. In general, the fewer frets you capo, the better.

  4. Click Transpose.

  5. The song is shown with the actual key, the number of frets to capo, and the chords you should play while capoed.

Note that you can only adjust capo settings while viewing song formats that display chords.

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