Using stars


Stars provide a way for you to mark songs. Your stars are only visible to you. You can star a song for any reason you want, but here are some common uses:

  • Star possible songs as you prepare for a time of worship, then review the starred songs and select from them.
  • Star new songs you need to learn or review, then unstar once you’ve learned them.
  • Star often-used songs for quick access.

Adding / Removing stars

  • To star a single song, simply click on the star next to the song title. Click again to remove the star.
  • To star multiple songs at once, from the main Songs page, select the checkboxes next to the songs you want, then click More actions… > Add star. Click More actions… > Remove star to remove stars from all the selected songs.

Viewing starred songs

To view all your starred songs, click the Songs link in the left-hand menu, then click Starred songs.

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