Attaching files to a song


To help keep track of files related to a song, you can attach files to songs in the SongBook.

Note that according to the Gospel Software Terms of Service, you may not upload copyrighted material (audio recordings, sheet music, etc) unless you have obtained the rights to do so.

MP3 files will be able to be played directly from the web site. All other types of files can be downloaded.

Attaching a file to a song

  1. While viewing the song you want to attach a file to, click on the Arrangement info link in the song header.

  2. Click Add a file attachment.

  3. Browse to the file, and provide a description, if desired.

  4. If the song has more than one arrangement, you can decide whether this attachment applies to all arrangements of this song, or just the current one.

  5. Click Save file.

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