Can I change the font size of a song?

The font size for a song can be set while editing a song. The font size for each song should be set by the song editor, so it can be reused by everyone else who needs to print the song.

If you do change the font size, check that the song still fits when printed (you can do a “Print preview” in your browser while editing to check this). The default font size was chosen to balance readability yet still be able to fit most songs on a single page.

Even though the font size set by the song editor should work for everyone, there are print settings that can cause chord charts to print smaller than they should. A printed copy of a song should be roughly the same size as you see on the screen. If your chord charts are printing smaller than you expect, check out the help topics below to make sure your print settings are optimal.

Note: Some computers provide a way to “print to PDF” or save a web page as a PDF. Be sure to download PDF files from the SongBook by clicking Download PDF file at the top of the page to ensure the correct font size while printing.

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