Your guest welcome letter

You may choose to have GuestView send a welcome letter from your church to each new guest. This can be used to communicate gratitude for the guest’s visit, point guests to your website, let them know about upcoming events, or even send a link to a brief survey to evaluate their experience.

You are only permitted to view or edit your church’s guest welcome letter if you are a GuestView administrator for your church (see “Administrators“). To view or change your church’s guest welcome letter, click on the “Letter” link on the left-hand menu in GuestView.

Your welcome letter is sent to every new guest that you enter into GuestView if the guest has an email address and if the welcome letter is activated (see the “Send to all new guests” checkbox on the welcome letter page). In order to send the welcome letter to each new guest, you need to enter all of the following information into the welcome letter page:

  1. The email address from which the letter will be sent. This might be your church’s general informational email address, or perhaps the email address of one of your pastors, administrators, or secretaries.

  2. The name from which the email will be sent. You should enter your church’s name here.

  3. The subject to use when sending the email.

  4. The email itself. If you desire, you may format your email to include various fonts, colors, etc., but keep in mind that some of your guests may not be able to see any formatting in emails they receive.

In addition, be sure to select the checkbox labeled “Send to all new guests” if you want the letter to be sent out, and click “Save” to save the letter. When you do this, the letter will only be sent out to new guests as their information is entered into GuestView; it will not be sent to any existing guests, nor will it be sent to an existing guest if you edit that guest’s information and re-save it.