Editing a guest’s information

The guest’s information page has three main sections. In the middle of the page, you can enter the guest’s contact information. To the right of the page, you can edit tags associated with the guest, and also the callers that are assigned to this guest.

Contact information

  1. The salutation, first name and last name identify the guest. If you are entering information for a married couple, you should type both spouse’s names in the first-name field; for example, “John and Jane”.

  2. If the guest provided the names or ages of their children, you may record this in the children field.

  3. The visit date identifies the date when the guest first visited your church. The next-attempt date is a convenient place for your follow-up team to record when they plan to next follow up with the guest. For example, they may indicate when they next plan to call the guest if they were only able to leave a message the first time. Or if they have made arrangements to meet up with the guest the following Sunday, they may enter that date.

  4. If the guest provided any age information, you may enter that in the age field.

  5. You may also enter the guest’s email address, mailing address, and phone numbers.

  6. Lastly, in the add-note field, you may leave a note recording the changes you have made. If you are entering the guest’s information for the first time, you might type in any comments or prayer requests they made, or perhaps the name of the family they are visiting in church. If you are updating the guest’s information, you may choose to add a note to explain what you are changing and why. In any case, what you type here will be added as a note on the guest’s record.


To the right of the page you may edit the tags that are associated with this guest. See “Working with tags” for more information.


Also to the right of the page, you may edit the callers that are assigned to this guest.

  • By clicking the “Add caller” link, you may assign a new caller to this guest.

  • You may remove a caller from having responsibility for a guest by clicking the “Remove” button for that caller.

  • However, if a caller is finished working with a guest, instead of clicking “Remove”, you should instead un-select the “Still working with guest” checkbox.

  • You may also control whether the caller receives any more reminder emails for this guest using the “Send email reminders” checkbox.