How do I set up email reports?

GuestView allows you to set up periodic email reports for guests that you are interested in. This allows you to keep your pastoral team, small group leaders, or other ministry leaders up to date on guests that have been visiting recently.

To set up reports, click on the ‘Report’ link in the menu on the left side of the GuestView page. This page shows you the reports that you are currently signed up for, and allows you to create a new report for:

  • All new guests added to GuestView.
  • All new guests assigned to a specific tag, such as “Interests:College ministry”.
  • All new guests assigned to a specific caller.

You can choose to have the reports sent daily, weekly or monthly. No report is sent if there are no guests matching your selection.

You can delete a report by clicking the red ‘X’ icon next to it. You can change how often you receive a report by adding a new report for the same set of guests, but choosing a different reporting interval. When you click ‘Add Report’ this will cause the existing report’s frequency to be updated.