Receiving email

If you are expecting to receive an email from Gospel Software, and have not received it, you might want to check some of the following things:

  • If your email account has a folder named “Spam”, “Junk” or “Trash”, make sure the email from us hasn’t been placed there automatically. If it has, you may be able to mark the email as “Not spam” or “Not junk” to prevent future emails from Gospel Software being placed there as well.

  • If your email account requires people to be in your address book before they can send you emails, add these email addresses to your address book, in order to receive Gospel Software emails:

  • Make sure your email address is entered correctly in your Gospel Software account. If you are trying to reset your Gospel Software password, and are not receiving the reset emails, contact your church administrator and have them verify your email address in your Gospel Software user account is correct. If your user account does not have an email address, your administrator can reset your password for you.