Working with the list of users

If you click on the “Users” link in the menu on the left-hand side of Gospel Software administration pages, you will see the list of all people in your organization who may be allowed to use your Gospel Software services. The list of users displays the following information:

  • It indicates whether each user is active or inactive. Inactive users are not allowed to use your Gospel Software site. Typically, you will mark a user as inactive when they are no longer a part of your organization, or when they no longer have any responsibilities within your Gospel Software services.
  • It indicates whether each user is an administrator for your entire organization. Organization administrators are allowed to create new users and to give any user access to any of your organization’s services.
  • It indicates which of the Gospel Software services each user is allowed to use. You may choose to limit particular users to particular services.
  • It indicates which of the Gospel Software services, if any, the user is allowed to administer. Administers of individual services are allowed to give other users access to that service, but not to any other service.

From the list of users, you may:

  • Click on any user to edit that user’s information;
  • Use the select boxes at the top of the list of users to limit the list to show only particular users (e.g., only users that are active, or only users that are allowed to use SongBook);
  • Create a new user by clicking “Create new user;” or
  • Mark multiple users inactive by selecting the checkbox next to their names and clicking “Deactivate selected users.” (organization administrators only)