Including Google Calendar events


If you have a Google Calendar, you can include events from that calendar in set list notes. To accomplish this, you need to associate the Google Calendar with a SongBook location. Once you’ve done that, any set lists created for that location will list calendar events for the set list date.

If you don’t have a Google Calendar, you can get one for free at

Associating a Google Calendar with a location

  1. Go to and sign in with the Google account you want to use a calendar from.

  2. In the SongBook, click on the Locations link in the menu on the left-hand side of the SongBook screen.

  3. Edit the location you want to add a Google Calendar to, by clicking on the name of the location. If the location doesn’t exist, you can add a new one.

  4. Click Add a Google Calendar.

  5. When prompted to allow Gospel Software access to your calendar, click Grant Access.

  6. After you are returned to the location edit page, you can pick a calendar to associate with the location. The listing of all your calendars is visible only to you. However, once you associate a calendar with a location, any event on that calendar can be viewed if it falls on a day with a set list.

  7. To retrieve calendars from a different Google account, click Retrieve different Google calendars….

  8. Click Save location.