Adding a new set list

Set lists help you group songs together for a worship service, small-group meeting, or any other reason. If you create set lists when you use songs, the SongBook will automatically track song usage, so you can see when a song was last used in a particular location.

  1. Begin a new set list

    1. To start with an empty set list, click on the Sets link in the menu on the left-hand side of the SongBook screen. Then, click on the Add new set link at the top of the page.

    2. If you already have songs you want to add to a set list, you can select the checkboxes beside them on the main Songs page, then click More actions… > Add to new set.

  2. Enter basic information about the set list:

    1. The date, location, and worship leader are required. To add a location that isn’t in the list, go to the Locations page, or choose Other as the location.

    2. You can optionally add a theme and notes for the set list.

  3. Add songs to the set list

    1. Select one or more songs from the list on the right-hand side of the page, and click Add selected songs. Added songs appear on the left-hand side of the page, in the order you add them.

    2. If needed, you can transpose a song to a different key within the set list by selecting a key from the Transpose to: drop-down menu for the song.

    3. If a song has multiple arrangements, you can pick which one will be used in the set list by selecting from the Arrangement: drop-down menu for the song. The default arrangement is used unless otherwise specified.

  4. You can add placeholders for other elements of the set (like prayers, announcements, a sermon, communion, etc) by clicking Insert comment/break, entering a description, and clicking OK.

  5. If you need to, reorder items in the set list by clicking the Up icon and Down icon arrows beside them. You can also click the Delete icon icon beside an item to delete it from the set list.

  6. Once you have added and ordered all the items you want, click Save setlist.

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