What are tags?

Tags are like labels that you can tack onto your guests. You can use them to keep track of guests having certain interests or characteristics. Here are some examples of tags that you might use:

  • Interested in small groups
  • Interested in youth ministry
  • Has a prayer request
  • Requested a pastoral call
  • Attending membership class
  • Praise report for the team
  • Status: Not yet called
  • Status: Left message

GuestView lets you create whatever tags you want to use for your guests. When you are editing a guest, you can choose which of your tags to attach to the guest using checkboxes, and you can even create new tags.

Tag groups

GuestView allows you to group related tags together. For example, if you have several tags that indicate ministries of your church that guests are interested in, you can give them names that share a common prefix with a colon, such as this:

  • Interests:Singles ministry
  • Interests:Small group
  • Interests:Youth ministry
  • Status:Not yet called
  • Status:Left message
  • Has a prayer request

When GuestView displays your tags, it will notice if you have any groups of tags (any tag with a colon in its name), and display them like this:

  • Interests
    • Singles ministry
    • Small group
    • Youth ministry
  • Status
    • Not yet called
    • Left message
  • Has a prayer request

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