Guest notes

GuestView allows you to enter notes for each of your church’s guests. You can see these notes when you view the guest’s page within GuestView, ordered so that the most recent note is at the top.

GuestView keeps track of the date and time that each note was entered, and also the name of the person who entered the note.

Using notes

You should use notes to:

  1. Keep track of information about a guest that does not fit anywhere else, such as prayer requests; and

  2. Keep track of all conversations that your follow-up team, pastors, small group leaders, or other church leaders have with guests. These notes will allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of your follow-up, but being aware of past conversations will also help you to be more effective if you continue to engage a guest in conversation.

Adding notes

You can add notes for a guest in one of two ways:

  1. When you are viewing a guest’s information, the notes are displayed at the bottom of the page. Right above the notes is a link to “Add note”. If you click on this link you may type in a note and save it.

  2. When you are editing a guest’s information, you can type in the “Add note” field. See “Editing a guest’s information” for more details.

Editing or deleting notes

You shouldn’t normally need to edit or delete notes, since this can be valuable information that you may want to preserve. However, when you are viewing the notes, if you are a GuestView administrator, or if you were the person who typed in a particular note, you will find links in the title of the note to edit or delete that note.

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