Caller responsibilities

Shortly after a caller from your church’s follow-up team is assigned to a guest, that caller will receive an email reminder to contact the guest. The email contains information about the guest, as well as a link to view and update the guest’s information within GuestView. The caller should:

  1. Attempt to contact the guest as soon as possible. He should follow your church’s follow-up procedures, for example, to welcome the guest, thank them for their visit, offer to serve them, offer to answer any questions, invite them to an upcoming meeting or event, etc.

  2. Once the caller has contacted the guest, the caller should visit the guest’s page within GuestView, and:

    1. Add a note summarizing the conversation with the guest.

    2. Click “Stop reminder emails” if he does not wish to receive further email reminders to contact the guest. Until this button is clicked, the caller will receive new email reminders every 48 hours after the first reminder.

    3. Click “Finish working with guest” if he has completed all follow-up with the guest. Sometimes a caller may continue working with a guest even after the email reminders are stopped, so this provides a way to continue to mark the follow-up relationship as active within GuestView.

  3. Additionally, once the caller has made contact with the guest, if he discovers that other people need to become involved, the caller may click “Edit guest” within GuestView to edit the guest’s information and involve them. How you do this depends on how your church is using GuestView, but here are some examples:

    1. The caller may add the “Pastoral call needed” tag to the guest, and also assign the guest to one of your pastors on staff.

    2. The caller may add the “Prayer request” tag to the guest, leave a note on the guest’s record indicating the nature of the guest’s prayer request, and assign the guest to a member of your church’s prayer ministry team.

    3. The caller may assign the guest to a member of one of your church’s ministry or outreach teams, such as youth group or college ministry, for further follow-up.

Note that it is possible for a caller to remove himself from being assigned to a guest. You should only do this in cases where the caller was accidentally assigned to the guest. If a caller has finished working with a guest, he should click “Finish working with guest” instead of removing himself from the guest. This preserves a record that the the caller was assigned to work with the guest.